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Our New SHE SIlk Hair Wrap is made of 100% Natural Mulberry Silk(16 Momme), made for protecting your hair at night whilst you sleep.


Comes in a Black SHE gift box.

SHE Silk Hair Wrap - Adult

Color: Navy Blue
  • Our Silk Hair Wrap is a quality piece, extremely comfortable, super light weight and breathable, which makes sleeping a dream. No more waking up with bad frizzy hair, this hair wrap is guaranteed to help retain moisture that is usually lost when wearing less superior hair bonnets to sleep. Made with durable and comfortable elastic band to keep the hair wrap in place whilst asleep. Stays snug on your head in respective of how you toss or turn.


    Benefits of Silk:

    • Helps to retain moisture on your hair
    • Keeps frizz away and hair glossy
    • Reduces friction and hair breakage
    • Helps keep hair styles in place
    • Breathable and hypoallergenic
    • Comfortable to sleep in
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